The days are getting longer.  Not very noticable yet, but it is there and shows very slightly on the clock.  which means that while winter just started, spring in on its way to us.  (Assuming the world doesn't flip over and the sun start coming up out of the west.) 


It will not happen any too soon for me.  I love warm, spring and summer weather.  And this morning the dawn showed sunlight in the early morning.  All the white or yellowy houses were glowing and even the gray ones looked brighter with the sunup.


I know some of you like winter weather and would be happier still if we had three or four wintery seasons in a row.  I'll be happy for you if you get them. but as for me. give me spring and summer just as soon as possible.


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  1. Munkyman

    That they are, but the temps are going down still, we have another month of colder & colder give or take a week.

    December 28, 2016