A change we can believe in.  That was the promise.  Specifics were never put into words.  But I don't believe what happened.  Could anyone who calls himself a citizen of his country believe the channges that have taken place?


Yes, there is one possiby two groups.  Those who believed that America is an evil country.  Those people who believed what was taught in the universities and the high schools of this country.  and those Americans who whished for extended health care for all Americans.


Most of Americans believe our country did things right with a few flaws that could be easily corrected at the next election.   That was naive of us.  The flaws just got bigger.  The enemies of our country just got more and more prevalent.  A great many Americans suspect that Obama is a muslim and that surprises us because muslim activists have grown more powerful during his regime.  Yet he has apologized to all of them for our actions in the past.  Not our actions but the actions of Chrisitanity of a thousand years ago.   Although were are a big customer for the oil that these countries are anxious to sell to us, they still think we are greedy.  They would like to see us put in 'our place.'   I guess they would like to see our thrist for oil become   reduced and just dry up completely.


Why do we like oil so much?   We like our homes to be warm in the winter. or cool in the summer.  We like to have enough power to run the machines that build new things for the world market.  We like to get in our cars and go places.  Those are facts. we do.  So do most of the people in the world.


My specific problem with Obama is we had a system of guaranteed retirement program.  It was a mimalist plan.  A stop gap to see we didn't starve in our old ages.  It was sold to us as an insurance plan.  If it hat been run the way insurance companies run things we would have one of the best plans in the world.  Funds would not run out. It would be a healthy plan.  Instead the Federal Government treated it lika an imposed tax on us but one that guaranteed nothing at all.  Our funds were put in the General Fund of the American governments and it is of course going to run out of money some time soon.


It did have one good thing.  The COLA plan.  If inflation forced the price of food up our plan would go up to match the losses that inflation had depleated.  What we didn't have was a plan that would see that we would always need the COLA plan - a market basket that could not change.  With Obama in control we have whatched the maerket basket snrink and our gaurangteed funds dwindle until they cant keep us fed.  He had several year when he said there was no inflation.  It was a total lie.  Anyone who shops for gorceries knows how much things have gone up. A dollar, ninety eight jar of peanut butter now costs upwards of four dollars.  Anytthing that comes in a a can no will cost more than a dollar.  A LOT more.   Meanwnile boxes have gotten smaller.  Congtents have shrivelled.  And food just doesn't taste as good as it did just 10 years ago.  Strawberries, blueberries, black berries.  A box of rich that was once taller than it was wide is now wider that it is tall.  We have been cheated by Obama and he somehow thinks he has done something grand for us.


Do you believe THAT?   I don't. 

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Comments (3)

  1. Munkyman

    Yeah, it seems that SS should get the same percentage raise Congress gives themselves & not a fraction less.

    January 04, 2017
    1. TomasSISI

      Aha! That would solve that problem, prontissimo.

      January 04, 2017
  2. cjb321

    I really don’t think it’s gonna get much better now either!!!

    January 04, 2017