No, i do NOT know Estabrank Fisthoffer,  Urmanu LasGlomas, Standifor Steppsbaglen, or any of the other outlandish, other worldly names you asked me about.  I don't know where you come up with these or why they think they might know me.  I've been getting eight or t0 such enquiries eachweek for some months.  


I'm thinking it may come from my adopted grandson who now carries my name.  He is Russian and has many strange friends.  But if you don't idntify yourself as a friend of my grandson's then I am going to ignore your request for friendship.  I mean it is hard to keep up with the other strangers who know me from other times and worlds, without all these knew names cropping up everyday.


If yhou want to know me, tell me where I knew you from, or where you know my grandson from.  Otherwise I will continue to ignore you, no matter how strange your name sounds. 

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